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Keyboard Shortcut for Android Studio in Windows & Mac Osx

By using keyboard shortcuts of Android Studio you can increase the productivity and you can do so many tasks in short period of time. Here you can see some of the shortcuts of android studio in windows and Mac. Please comment shortcuts whatever i missed here. thanking you.. DescriptionWindows/LinuxMacGeneralSave allControl + SCommand + SSynchronizeControl + Alt + YCommand + Option + YMaximize/minimize editorControl + Shift + F12Control + Command + F12Add to favoritesAlt + Shift + FOption + Shift + FInspect current file with current profileAlt + Shift + IOption + Shift + IQuick switch schemeControl + ` (backquote)Control + ` (backquote)Open settings dialogueControl + Alt + SCommand + , (comma)Open project structure dialogControl + Alt + Shift + SCommand + ; (semicolon)Switch between tabs and tool windowControl + TabControl + TabNavigating and Searching Within
StudioSearch everything (including code and menus)Press Shift twicePress Shift twiceFindControl + FCommand + FFind nextF3Command …

TrackOne Mobile App

1) TrackOne is the Android App.
2) By using this app to track incoming and outgoing calls of others.
3) Install this app into others mobile.
4) Register your number and others name into this app.
5) Then after you got messages when others got incoming calls or other make outgoing calls (in message you got incoming and outgoing calls number of others)

Note: This is a paid app and this app is not available in playstore. anyone interest for this app send me your information to below details.

Contact: 7661000787

Freelancing and Engineering Projects

Dear All,

              I am a leading senior android developer. I am very much interested to share my knowledge with u. All Engineering students please take this chance to create awesome mobile apps for your mini and main projects. All startups please take this chance to create new projects.

Note : I will give u any time support. Interested persons please contact me through below information.

Actually i am very much busy with my projects thats why i am not posting new tutorials. Sorry for delay from now i will post tutorials weekly once. Please support me.

Thank you all for reaching my blog viewers 10000+

My Contact Details,
Mobile no : 7661000787
Email ID :